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About Us

We are a team that entered the world of crypto very early, over 10 years ago.

During this time we have gained a great deal of experience.

By making a few mistakes along the way, growing, and absorbing a vast amount of knowledge every day, we have reached a level where this industry holds no secrets for us.

It has enabled us to enjoy a lifestyle not accessible to most people. Fast cars, easy travel around the world and ability to earn from anywhere, preferably by the pool at a five-star hotel.

Sky is the limit

Ways to Earn

Capital needed Allocated time Risks
Futures (signals) Small / Medium
(Minimum 50-250$)
(Even 15 minutes a day)
Invest & Low lev Medium / High
(Minimum 500-1000$)
Very little
(1-2 hours per month)
Small / Medium
Airdrops & Farming You can start without capital Any
(Even 15 minutes a day)
Very low or none
Low Cap & Shitcoins Small
(Minimum 50-250$)
(Even 15 minutes a day)
Very high
Launchpads & Presale Small / Medium
(Minimum 100$)
Very little
(1-2 hours per month)
Small / Medium


  • 🔥 VIP Signals

    Standard signals

  • 🐍 Invest & Low lev

    A channel that in the future will only be available in a much more expensive package. Here we show our purchases and report on sales. This is a great and much less risky option for managing more capital.

  • 📖 Library Of Knowledge

    A collection of materials and sources from which you will absorb a large amount of useful knowledge. More and more content will be coming to this channel. It is not a "course from A to Z," but it is extremely useful for beginners as well as for advanced individuals.

  • 💎 Airdrops & Farming

    Here we provide information that will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies without any investment (and sometimes with a little investment).

  • 🚀 Launchpads & Presale

    We search for the best projects that are not yet on the exchanges — this way, we invest in them first and can earn the most.

  • 💩 Low cap & Shitcoiny

    If you are ready to take big risks while having a chance to multiply your amount by x10, x50, x100, or even x1000, you will find the most interesting low capitalization tokens on this channel.

  • 🆕 News

    A channel where almost every day we share the most important news from the world of crypto and finance.

All you need is 2 applications:

Telegram - this is where you will find all the channels

The Exchange - most recommended:

  • Bybit (verification necessary)
  • Binance (verification necessary and more user-friendly. Limited in some countries like the UK, Italy, and Germany among others)
  • Kucoin or OKX

As we mentioned, the VIP package includes the Library Of Knowledge channel.

Despite the fact that at first glance, operating an exchange and the world of cryptocurrencies may look complicated like a rocket science, it is not at all.

In just a few days, all the basics become brilliantly simple.

When it comes to Airdrops - No investment is necessary.

When it comes to Signals:

Some manage to start very well with just $50-200.

We can't guarantee any specific profits, the market is volatile.

And we always recommend starting with the smallest amounts to get everything catch on 😉

We make the accuracy from each month available on a free channel:


We make the accuracy of each month available on a free channel. The average accuracy from 2023, which was historically the worst year for cryptocurrencies, was as high as over 70%.

There is no such possibility to test.

To try out, visit our free channel, where we share VIP signals and valuable information from time to time.


Monthly average of 45-60 signals.