Frequently Asked Questions

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Vip package consists of 5 channels on Telegram:
  • 🔥 VIP signals

    Standard signals

  • 🐍 Invest & Low lev

    The channel that in the future will be available only in a much more expensive package. Here we show our purchases and inform about sales. This is a great and much less risky option for us to play with more capital.

  • 📖 Library Of Knowledge

    The collection of materials and sources from which you will absorb a large amount of useful knowledge. More and more content will be coming to this channel. It is not an "A to Z course", but it is extremely useful as for beginners as for advanced people

  • 💎 Airdrops and Farming

    Here we provide information that will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies without any (and sometimes using a small) investment.

  • 🆕 News

    The channel where we share the most important news from the world of crypto and finance almost every day.

What do I need to use the signals?

2 applications are enough:

Telegram - which you already have 🙂

Exchange - which we recommend the most:

  • Bybit (verification necessary)
  • Binance (verification necessary, while more pleasant to use. Limited in some countries (UK, Italy, Germany, and others)
  • Kucoin or OKX (no verification necessary)

Is it for beginners?

As we mentioned, the VIP package includes a channel with Educational Materials.

Although at first glance using the exchange and the world of cryptocurrencies may look as complicated as an airplane control panel - this is not the case at all.

In a few days all the basics become brilliantly simple.

What budget do I need to get started?

Some people already manage to get off very well starting with $50-200

We can't guarantee any specific profits, the market is volatile.

And we always recommend starting with the smallest amounts to get used to everything 😉.

What is your accuracy?

We share the accuracy from each month on the free channel


The average accuracy of 2023 (which was historically the worst year for cryptocurrencies), was as high as over 70%.

Is it possible to get access to Vip on a trial basis? Or for a few/some days?

There is no such possibility.

For testing, there is our free channel, where we provide Vip signals and valuable information from time to time.


What is the average number of signals?

On average 45-60 signals per month.